Change to School Uniform – from the Headteacher

Posted in Homepage, News - April 4th, 2017

I am writing to inform you of a change to Longhill High School’s uniform that will be introduced from September (2017).  This letter is to give you advance warning of this change so that you can plan ahead.

I haven’t been in a position to write to you prior to now, due to tendering agreements and restraints surrounding the decisions.  As you already know, we are committed to raising standards at Longhill and part of this is the improvement of the current standard of uniform being worn by students.  We are working hard to ensure that we will have a cost-effective, smart uniform that will be followed consistently by all our students.  I am keen to eliminate any potential ambiguity with regard to uniform and also support the overwhelming wishes of parents/carers to continue to raise the standards and expectations placed on our students.

In the consultation about uniform last year, parents’ biggest concern was cost and this is the highest consideration for the tendering process.  We have also decided not to change the footwear guidance of the uniform, again from parental voice.

A great amount of work has been completed by staff and students and we have decided to launch a gender-neutral uniform: navy blue blazer, grey trousers, white collared shirt and tie and an optional skirt.  The PE kit will be navy blue with gold trim.  These items will be purchased directly from our supplier, except the white collar shirts which can be purchased from any retailer.  The uniform will come in a range of sizes and leg lengths to suit the varying needs of our students.

Students entering Year 11 this September will not be required to purchase a school blazer or PE kit; we understand and appreciate that purchasing a school uniform can be a significant financial commitment if it is only for one year of your son/daughter’s time here at Longhill.

Despite these changes our uniform will remain as one of the most cost-effective in the city and it will remain both comfortable and easy to wear.

The contract for producing the uniform is currently in negotiation and we will be announcing further information after Easter; purchase of the uniform will be possible in the summer in time for the new academic year.

I understand that some families may need support.  If you feel that you will need support please can I ask that you contact your child’s Head of Year?

A uniform promotes and inspires pride and commitment to something greater than oneself.  Longhill High school is on a journey of improvement and this is just one small part of the journey.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with this matter and for your continued support with our drive to carry on improving standards here at Longhill High School.

Kate Williams