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Governors work with senior leaders in the strategic development of the school and in raising standards of achievement. Duties include setting the school’s vision, aims & objectives, approving the school budget and appointing the Headteacher.

Governors must both support and challenge the Headteacher, so need to gain an understanding of the school’s overall performance in order to explain its decisions and actions. They do this by attending regular meetings, carrying out school visits and meeting with senior leaders. They also attend training in order to keep up to date with the requirements of their role. Governors work as a team and make collective decisions.

To contact the Governing Board, please email the Clerk to the Governors at

Meet the Governors

Linda Newman - Chair

I have lived in Woodingdean for nearly all my life and I have two sons, who both attended Longhill High School. I have been a school governor for over 25 years and at Longhill High School since 2008. I work for an education trade union as senior resources manager with strategic responsibility for finance, personnel, property and IT. I have worked in and around higher education throughout my career and I hope that I bring that experience to the Longhill High School. I also bring the experience of 40+ years of voluntary youth leadership. I am currently Chair of
Trustees at the Deans Youth Project based at Woodingdean Youth Centre. Our team works in partnership with the Longhill High School.
I firmly believe that young people should enjoy school and that governors help to see that they each leave school with happy memories of their time there, equipped to achieve their ambitions and able to meet the challenges of their adult lives. Education is a 24 hour, lifelong process. I want our students to leave Longhill High School, excited by learning and with all the skills they need to continue their education, whatever future path they take. I believe the whole community has a stake in the education of its young people. In return, Longhill High School has a key role in the communities that it serves. I hope that my governance will help Longhill High School become a centre of excellence in the City.

Appointed by:  Local Authority / Governing Board
Terms of Office: 14.03.2018 – 13.03.2022
Role: Co-opted Governor

Gareth Kemp - Vice Chair

I have lived in Woodingdean for over 10 years and feel that Longhill High School is an integral part of the community. My background is in business strategy and direct response marketing. I run my own business and help small businesses to grow rapidly and overcome the challenges they meet. I use this experience to challenge the school in its thinking and to help it find new ways to create the future we all want for our children. I have two children at Longhill High School and I also spend a lot of time working with Cubs and Scouts in Rottingdean.

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: 16.07.2019 – 15.07.2023
Role: Co-opted Governor

Chris Allmey

As a former teacher, I have an interest in education. I am also a foster carer for Brighton. I aim to be part of the continuing improvement at Longhill High School so that every child achieves their full potential. I believe it is important that students and their families together with staff and governors work closely together aiming for the very best for each child.

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: 16.07.2019 – 15.07.2023
Role: Co-opted Governor

Hazel Baxter

After moving to the local area, I have always been keen to continue working as a governor at a local school. With over sixteen years’ experience in the education market, I am very much looking forward to being a part of the Longhill High School journey to outstanding and working within a dynamic environment where students and staff are challenged and supported.

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: 24.04.2021 – 23.04.2025
Role: Co-opted Governor

Sean Burke

As a parent of three children and being married to a teacher, I have long been surrounded by differing perspectives on the education system. When my youngest daughter began her secondary school journey at Longhill High School, I wanted to become a parent governor to use my skills and experience to give something back to our local school and community. I began my working life in the accountancy world, before moving into IT within local government, which has given me a good appreciation of finance and budgeting processes. In that role I also worked with many of the local education authority services, and am very aware of the pressures and challenges that schools have been and are continuing to be faced with as a result of government policy together with the ambition to help every pupil achieve the best they can. I am passionate about education being inclusive and serving the local community in supporting every child to develop and learn, through both the curriculum and extra curricular activities.

Appointed by: Co-option
Terms of Office: 17.09.19 – 16.12.23
Role: Governor

Karen James

I am delighted to be joining the Governing Board as Parent Governor. This is an exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to learning more about Longhill High, contributing to and supporting plans, and being part of its continuing development.

Appointed by: Elected by parents
Terms of Office: 15.09.17 – 14.09.21
Role: Parent Governor

Richard Valder-Davis

Richard holds the safeguarding role for Brighton& Hove Albion, and Albion in the Community having responsibility for delivering the Club’s safeguarding strategy.  Living in Saltdean. Richard’s application highlighted wanting to ensure that all parents and carers in the area for Longhill feel proud of their local school and know that Longhill is a school which offers an exceptionally positive experience for their children. Being part of Longhill’s journey of Aspiration, Determination and Success and using his wide experience and knowledge to support this.

Appointed by:  Governing Board (Summer 2020)
Terms of Office:
Role: Co-opted  Governor

James Stuart

James has many years experience working as a public sector professional; the majority of which has been in leadership and safeguarding. James is currently the Assistant Head teacher of Westminster UTC which is a small STEM focussed school for 14-18 year olds in London. Prior to that he was Head of Learning Community at a large Comprehensive School in Crawley. With previous service as a Governor at a School near Reading, Richard is keen to be involved with a local school.  James’ application highlighted combined experience from policing and education meaning a wealth of up-to- date understanding of the challenges facing schools; emphasising that he is “just happy to help”.

Appointed by:  Governing Board (September 2020)
Terms of Office:
Role: Co-opted Governor

Bobby Stewart

I have worked at Longhill High School since April 2018 as Premises Manager. During this time, I have become very passionate about the over all performance of the school. I have lived locally for many years and I also have 2 children who I hope will be attending Longhill High School in the future. I am very interested in further developing the school’s engagement with the community. As staff governor I support the school’s strategic goals and how we will achieve these in order to gain the best results for our students. I offer both my support and challenge to help shape the future of the school.

Appointed by:  Elected by Staff
Terms of Office: 26.02.19 – 25.02.23
Role: Staff Governor

Emma Tyson

I am experienced in working in mental and emotional health for 30 years. I am hoping to support the school, parents and children in this area.  I am interested to encourage continuing high standards in provision for mental health and suggest
latest research and practices in mental and emotional health for the school to support learning and wellbeing.  Children will not learn to their potential unless they are happy and self motivated.  I am also a lawyer so have experience in procedure and legalities and accountability. The importance of children’s experience at school for their future cant be underestimated so I am keen to support the school to be the best it can be in whatever way necessary with the skills I can bring.

Elected by parents:  February 4 2021
Terms of Office: 04.02.21 – 03.02.25
Role: Parent Governor

David Watts

I have lived in Saltdean since 1983 and both my daughters came to Longhill High School before college, university and successful careers. I have been a member of the Personnel and Finance committee for many years and also have responsibilities for Safeguarding, Buildings and Health and Safety. For 11 years, until February 2017, I also worked at Longhill High School, as a member of the Cover Supervisor team, taking lessons for Teachers who were absent. This gave me a unique insight into how the School works on a daily basis and gave me access to the Staff to hear their views, enabling me to discuss matters with the Leadership Team, as a Governor, when they arose.

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: 03.04.2019 – 03.04.2023
Role: Co-opted Governor

Jacob Taylor

I attended Longhill from 2000-2005, before moving on to Varndean College, the University of
Manchester, and then a career in Banking. I’m proud to have attended Longhill, which is a fantastic school and central part of the community, and I’m keen to do anything I can to help it succeed. I’m aware of the significant challenges that state schools have faced in recent years, not least the cuts in funding and resulting budget deficits. It is absolutely vital that all young people are given the best possible education as a foundation for the rest of their lives. I believe that maintaining successful secondary schools is a core part of that, and I hope to be able to make some contribution to the ongoing success of Longhill.

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: 11 May 2021 to 10 May 2025
Role: Co-opted Governor

Marianne Kelly

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: resigned Spring 2020
Role: Co-opted Governor

Joseph Miller

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: resigned Summer 2020
Role: Co-opted Governor

Anne Pissariadou

Appointed by:  Governing Board
Terms of Office: resigned Summer 2020
Role: Co-opted Governor


There are some key documents the Governing Board use to guide their strategy for school improvement which are available here.

Governors Documentation



Terms of Reference

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