At Longhill High School, all students complete a two year Key Stage 3 where they experience a wide range of subjects. At the beginning of year 9, students begin Key Stage 4 by taking the compulsory Core Subjects plus 4 option subjects they have chosen as part of the Options Process.

For further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Deputy Headteacher, Mr B Holland

Remote Education Provision January 2021


This document outlines the remote education provision for Longhill High School. This covers provision for students with online access and provision for those students who do not have online access.


The Recovery Curriculum and Continued Curriculum


Please read Longhill High School’s Recovery & Continued Curriculum document which is an ongoing action plan outlining how we will catch students up with any missed learning and continue to provide stretch and challenge for those who do not have gaps in knowledge or skills.


Home Learning

Longhill High School will:


  • Set work for your child for each of their timetabled lessons.
  • Paper copies of work have been given to students who have said they do not have internet access.
  • Be available remotely to communicate with parents and carers regarding home learning (more information about this is in the last paragraph).


Students will:


  • Download gmail on their phone or set up access to gmail via a computer so staff can communicate with students via their school email address in line with our electronic safeguarding policy.
  • Regularly check their emails for work, instructions and direction from their subject teachers.
  • Complete work set and communicate with their teachers regularly.


Families will:


  • Support the child in the family to complete work set.
  • Help the young person work differently and maintain motivation throughout this unusual situation.


Please find a list of emails to use if you have any questions regarding the Home Learning provision from Longhill High School.


The email address are organised by subject.






Ethics, Health and Social Care and Child Care






PE Dance












Computing and Creative iMedia






Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish and French)








There is also a miscellaneous email to use for more general enquries relating to Home Learning for example IT issues

Key Stage 3 Recommended Reading List

Reading at home is a wonderful way to expand your child’s vocabulary and increase their success across the whole curriculum. Here’s a reading list of recommended texts at Key Stage 3, many of which can also be found online at the virtual school library:



In-School and On-Line Learning From January 2021


Please see Headteachers Letter


Well-being at Longhill high School


Try and undertake two activities from her every day.


Curriculums by Year Group


The Curriculum guides below give information about the different subjects offered for each year group.


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