Options Process

The options process runs throughout Year 8 and has several aspects:

 Options Booklet

Students have access to the options booklet which provides an introduction to the process and guidance on which subjects are compulsory, optional and alternative to the curriculum. It also provides information on the grading of GCSEs and reporting measures. Students should use this booklet as a guide to help them decide which options

The options process runs throughout year 8 and has several aspects:

·         On Monday 27th January students will have an assembly introducing the options process.

·         Further assemblies taken by Heads of Department for the different options subjects will then take place during this week.

·         On Thursday 30th January (5:00pm – 7:00pm) the year 8 Options Evening will take place.
Parents and students are welcome to attend to speak to teaching staff about possible courses.

·         Options forms are to be submitted online by Thursday 13th February.

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