Transitioning into Year 7

Letter to Year 6 Parents

Important information for Year 6 parents is in the Headteacher letter below:

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are the questions that, in our experience; parents and carers are most interested in finding out about


Life at Longhill

Life at Longhill is a booklet designed for students by students.


Sussex Uniforms


Year 6 Vlog


At Longhill High School we understand that it can be daunting for parents to move from having one teacher to contact in primary school, to a range of teachers in secondary school.


We are putting together weekly VLOGS to prepare them for their next steps and allow year 6 pupils to see that they are not alone in these very uncertain times. The videos are being created to show as many staff as we can before your child transitions to secondary school and to go through common questions you and your child might have. These questions are also answered in the secondary booklet, but it is often nice to watch the short clips with your child to start any conversations about the transition to secondary school.


You can also contact and we will respond at our earliest convenience.



Click on the Starting Secondary School Vlog icon to see the Vlog



The First Day

We meet all first day students outside the sports centre. Year 7 start a day earlier than all the other years and so they are the only students in school alongside some helpers. We will take all first year students into the large sports hall where they are put into mentor groups and teaching groups.

In addition, we have lots of group activities. These students to get to know the people in their group and some of their lessons.

The First Few Weeks

Students are met at the sports hall every morning. They are put into groups and taken to all lessons, and are brought back to the sports hall at the end of each lesson.

Normally after the first-week students are able to make their own way to lessons, but we monitor this and can offer more support when needed. Students often get lost (along with the new members of staff) but there is always someone around to offer help.

We allow Year 7 students to leave for break, lunch and the buses 5 minutes early to help them settle. On the buses we ask that all year 7 students sit downstairs. This is to allow us to better keep an eye on them. We have bus monitors on all of the school buses.


There is a 20 minute mentor time at the beginning of each day. The current Year 7 have the following programme:

Check Uniform and Equipment. Go through the weekly theme PowerPoint .

Check Uniform and Equipment. Silent Reading. All students to have a reading book with them at all times.

Check Uniform and Equipment. Mentor time activity.

Check Uniform and Equipment. Attendance, Behaviour and Achievement written into diaries.

Check Uniform and Equipment. Assembly.


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