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Longhill High School
Falmer Road
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Please note, access to Longhill High School
is via Falmer Road and The Vale. There is
no access via Wanderdown Road or
Wanderdown Way.

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Heads of Houses

Mr Simon Hawthorne, Head of Year 7

Mr David Grier, Head of King

Mr Neil Davie, Head of Mandela

Mr Anthony Faulkner, Head of Nightingale

Mr Jamie Bennett, Head of Pankhurst

Mrs Hannah Lowrie, Head of Spencer



Mr Martin Andrews, Chair of Governors via:

Longhill School Admin Staff

Mrs Sheila Baker, Clerk to Governors

Miss Belinda Vorster, Head Teacher’s PA


Assigned Governors

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Heads of Departments

Ms F Barton, Head of Horticulture

Mr Stuart Burgess, Head of ICT

Mr Pat Doe, Head of Science

Mr Chris Emment, Head of PE

Miss Ann Butters, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms Rachel George, Head of Learning Support

Mr Steve Grosvenor, Head of English

Mr Guiseppe Iozzi, Head of Art

Mr David Dotting, Head of Maths

Mr Matt Casterton, Head of Music

Miss Jo Leslie, Head of Drama

Mr Jason Clark, Head of KS4 Design and Technology

Mr Mark Norris, Head of KS3 Design and Technology

Ms Paula Weir, Head of Humanities

Mr Jon Wilson, Head of Opening Minds

Mr Hugh Garling, Head of PSHE

Ms Julia Wingfield, Head of Religious Education

Mrs Rachel Waite, Head of Business Studies

Mrs Ros Ashton, Head of Health and Social Care


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Haydn Stride, Headteacher

Ms Jo Cassidy, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Iain Sallis, Deputy Headteacher

Miss Fiona Barton, Assistant Headteacher

Mr David Dotting

Ms Rachel George, Assistant Headteacher

Mr Bill Holland

Mr J Hollingworth, Business Manager

Mr J Lamb, Assistant Headteacher

Staff Email Addresses

Name Email Address
Abingdon, K
Ashton, R
Barton, F
Bashford, J
Batchelor, R
Bennett, J
Biggs, C
Booth, R
Burgess, S
Butters, A
Buttifant, A
Cassidy, J
Casterton, M
Clark, J
Clements, S
Darwish, E
Davie, N
Davis, G
Dean, D
Dickinson, L
Dodd, A
Doe, P
Donnelly, M
Dotting, D
Douglas, J
Duffy, A
Edwards, M
Emment, C
English, A
Faulkner, A
Faupel, E
Foy, L
Garbutt, M
Garling, H
Gibb, J
Greest, E
Grier, D
Grosvenor, S
Halliday, G
Hawkins, A
Hawthorne, S
Holland, B
Humphries, S
Iozzi, G
Jenkin, M
Jewell, T
Johnson, C
Jones, H
Kainth, S
Keating, S
Kenward, L
Lamb, J
Lawrenson, F
Leslie, J
Lynch, A
MacDonald, A
Manktelow, T
Marks-Billson, C
Mitchell, H
Moore, M
Neal, J
Newman, M
Norris, M
Nwokedi, K
Ordynanz, N
Parsons, L
Quinn, E
Rei, H
Rolf, N
Rolfe, J
Ryan, C
Sallis, I
Salmon, A
Salter, H
Sauer, B
Sharpe, C
Stokes, D
Stokes, N
Stride, H
Tomsett, J
Vaughan, W
Waddington, D
Waite, R
Weir, P
Wilson, J
Wilson, L
Winfield, D
Wingfield, J
Yates, L