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Please note, access to Longhill High School is via Falmer Road and The Vale. There is no access via Wanderdown Road or Wanderdown Way.

We have been requested by the Governors to encourage the use of the Parent Portal. 

One area for focus is the use of the portal to contact staff. 

We have been asked to remove the emails from the website, to enable and promote better use of the portal by parents requesting information and contact. 

Please be assured that staff will respond to all requests for contact within two working days. 

If your request has not been responded to in a timely fashion, please make further request through the Headteacher.  

Thank you for your support.

Heads of Years

Ms Sam Keating, Head of Year 7

Ms Laura Molloy, Head of Year 8

Ms Jo Ellis, Head of Year 9

Ms Kirsten Abingdon, Head of Year 10

Ms Debbie Winfield, Head of Year 11





Mrs Linda Newman, Chair of Governors via:

Longhill School Admin Staff

Head Teacher’s PA  

Assigned Governors

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Heads of Faculty

Mr John Bliss, Head of English faculty

Mr Petter Ous, Head of Maths faculty

Mr David Dean, Head of Science faculty

Mr Christian Fallick, Head of PE & Performing Arts faculty

Mr Jon Wilson, Head of Humanities faculty

Mr Guiseppe Iozzi, Head of Creativity & Enterprise faculty

Heads of Department

Ms Pam Stallard, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms Rachel George, Head of Learning Support

Mr John Bliss, Head of English

Mr Mark Donelly, Head of Media Studies

Mr Guiseppe Iozzi, Head of Art

Mr Petter Ous, Head of Maths

Mrs Jo Fenwick, Head of Drama & Music

Mr Chris Gibbs, Head of Design and Technology

Mrs Annette Buttifant, Head of History

Mrs Hannah Seaby, Head of Geography

Mr Hugh Garling, Head of PSHE

Ms Julia Wingfield, Head of Religious Education

Vacancy, Head of Business Studies

Ms Charlie Essex, Health and Social Care


Senior Leadership Team

Ms Kate Williams, Headteacher

Miss Fiona Barton, Assistant Headteacher

Ms Catherine Bradley, Assistant Headteacher

Ms Rachel Congreve, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Bill Holland, Deputy Headteacher

Mr J Hollingworth, Business Manager

Mr Matt Kelly, Assistant Headteacher