Exam Information


Important Exam Information

Students will be receiving their Individual Candidate Timetables over the coming days.  These will detail dates and times of all examinations that students have been entered for.

Candidates must be on time for all examinations.  There will not be a chance to take these at another time as these are scheduled exams which take place at the same time up and down the country.  If students are taken unwell on the day of an examination or there is any other problem that may be considered a disadvantage on the day then please telephone 01273 391673 or email exams@longhill.org.uk

All candidates will need to be in school uniform; leavers and department hoodies are not to be worn.

Mobile phones must be switched off prior to entering the exam room and must not be kept on their person.  If you do not have a bag to put your device in then please hand to an invigilator who will hold it for you until the end of the examination.

Candidates must be silent when entering the exam room and remain silent until they leave. All students are considered being under ‘Exam Conditions’ from the moment they enter the exam room and must not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates.

Please note: There is no early study leave for year 11

Please make sure that you read and understand the following candidate notices:

Key Polices regarding examinations 

If you do have any queries that you wish to discuss further regarding your examinations then please contact Miss Goddard in the Exams and Data office on 01273 391673 or exams@longhill.org.uk