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What do school governors do?

Governors work with senior leaders in the strategic development of the school and in raising standards of achievement. Duties include setting the school’s vision, aims & objectives, approving the school budget and appointing the Headteacher.

Governors must both support and challenge the Headteacher, so need to gain an understanding of the school’s overall performance in order to explain its decisions and actions. They do this by attending regular meetings, carrying out school visits and meeting with senior leaders. They also attend training in order to keep up to date with the requirements of their role. Governors work as a team and make collective decisions.

Longhill High School Governing Board  (Memberships and Terms of Office)

Name Role  Term of office  Appointed by
Linda Newman Local Authority Governor / Chair 5.12.17 – 4.12.21 Governing board
Gareth Kemp Co-opted governor / Deputy Chair 16.07.15 – 15.07.19 Governing board
Alison Carter Clerk 30.10.17 – Governing board
Hazel Baxter Co-opted governor 24.04.17 – 23.04.21 Governing board
Ellen Mulverhill Co-opted governor 23.01.18 – 22.01.22 Governing board
Joseph Miller Co-opted governor 24.09.15 – 23.09.19 Governing board
Karen James Parent governor 15.09.17 – 14.09.21 Elected by parents
Kate Williams Local authority governor 06.06.16 – Member by virtue of their office
Anne Pissaridou Co-opted governor 08.12.15 – 07.12.19 Governing board
Chris Allmey Co-opted governor 16.07.15 – 15.07.19 Governing board
Sean Burke Parent governor 28.02.16 – 27.02.20 Elected by parents
Mike Thompson Co-opted governor 06.12.16 – 05.12.20 Governing board
David Watts Co-opted governor 16.07.15 – 15.07-19 Governing board
Donna Rhodes Staff governor 04.04.17 – 03.04.21 Elected by staff
Marianne Kelly Co-opted governor 17.04.18 – 16.04.22 Governing board


In the past 12 months, Longhill High School also had the following governors:

Name  Role  Appointed by  Left the Governing Board 
Nikki Fabry Co-opted Governing board 07.09.17
Maria Blackford Parent governor Elected by parents 21.07.17
Martin Andrews Co-opted governor Governing board 12.11.17
Sheila Baker Clerk Governing board 19.09.17