School Reports

Individual student reports are made available for parents and students on the Information Portal, via the Assessments section on the scheduled report date. When you access the Portal your user name is the email address that you have registered with the school.

1. Reporting timetable 2016 -2017

Reporting Table 1

2. Reports Terminology Explained

 i) Attitude to Learning


Attitudes to learning (ATLs) are reported in all reports for all students throughout the year.

Classwork, Homework and Behaviour across all subjects are reported using the following criteria


ii) Coursework Progress

This is only reported in Year 11 in subjects where coursework is still a requirement.

ON= On target to complete coursework/controlled assessment equal to or above minimum grade

OFF= Not on target to complete coursework or coursework is below minimum grade

NA = Not applicable at this stage of the course

iii) Targets Comments

Both Year 11 reports and Year 10 Spring reports are supplemented by written subject targets focusing on key areas for progression

iv) Assessment KS3 – Flight Paths

As you may be aware, from September 2014, the Department for Education (DfE) removed the National Curriculum levels from all school assessments. They have therefore given schools the freedom to develop and create an individualised way of showing student progress. At Longhill High School we have embraced this opportunity and developed the idea of student Flightpaths. Your son/daughter is now on this Flightpath journey.

The school will assess students using Flightpaths. A flightpath is a range of knowledge, skills and understanding that a student needs to develop to be making expected progress. Flightpaths range from 1 to 5, with 5 being highest. A Flightpath 5 would therefore cover the most challenging range of knowledge skills and understanding for each subject.

Expected Flightpath

This shows what the student should be achieving during the Year (based on prior assessment data such as primary school tests).

Assessed Flightpath

This shows what the student is achieving based on current assessments and the class teacher’s professional judgement.

The Report indicates if your child is Above Target, On Target or Below Target for all subjects. This shows how well your child is progressing and provides vital information about subject success or possible subject underachievement.

v) Assessment KS4

Minimum grades

Minimum Grades are based on KS2 data and teacher / student consultation, this is the standard students have agreed, they should, as a minimum, be able to achieve at the end of Year 11.

Forecast grades

Forecast grades are an end of course prediction, forecast by the teacher based on in class assessment, coursework, terminal assessments, and ATLS.

New 9-1 GCSE grades

As you are probably aware the government has changed the way GCSEs are graded and gradually all GCSEs will change from A*-G grades to 9-1 grades.

In comparing A*-G and 9-1 there are two static points of comparison. Grade 3 is equivalent to a D and a grade 7 is equivalent to an A. The intervening grades equate as shown in the table. The government says that broadly the same proportion of students will achieve a grade 4 and above as currently achieve a grade C and above

Grade 5 is considered to be a good pass and a Grade 4 is considered to be awarding pass.

Year 11 GCSEs will be assessed using the standard A*-G grades, with the exception of English Language, English Literature and Maths which are the new GCSEs and will be graded under the new 9 to 1 system.

Year 10 all GCSEs will be graded under the new 9 to 1 system with the exception of five subjects which have not yet gone over to the new GCSEs. These subjects are Business Studies, Media Studies, Graphics, Product Design and Health and Social Care,

Year 9 GCSEs will all be graded under the new 9 to 1 system for all GCSE subjects.

Other Grades

BTEC grades are Distinction star (D*), Distinction (D), Merit (M), Pass (P) and Level 1 Pass (L1)

Childcare and Creative imedia have their own grading which are given in the table below.

Table Comparing the new KS4 grades with A*-G grades

Reporting Table 3


Note that New 9-1 Double Science will be given a double grade when taken as a GCSE worth 2 GCSES e.g. 5,5, 6,5 or 3,2 but at present the school will only be giving a single 1- 9 number with the assumption that core and additional science will get the same grade


The Report indicates if your child is Above Target, On Target or Below Target for all subjects. This shows how well your child is progressing and provides vital information about subject success or possible subject underachievement.

3. Meeting with subject teachers

Throughout the year there are Parents Evenings which give you a chance to meet the teachers and discuss progress and any concerns. Appointment slots can be arranged using the Information Portal via the Parents Evenings section. Alternative you can contact the teachers using the student diary to request an appointment.

Students’ subject teachers email addresses can be found at the Staff contacts section of the Information Portal.

4. Contacting Staff or Heads of Department

If you have any questions or concerns about academic progress in a specific subject, you can contact staff and Heads of Department for that subject, via the School Website under ‘Contact Us’. Your email will be forwarded from Admin to the relevant member of staff.

If you have any problems accessing the Information Portal please contact the school on

01273 304086

10 October 2016