Welcome to our online parents’ and carers’ evening page.

Please find the links to the meetings for the Parents’ and Cares’ evening on the 02/12/2021 below

Miss Abingdon – Assistant Head/Science Teacher

Mr Barrass – Science Teacher

Ms Barton – Assistant Head

Mr Chesters – MFL Teacher

Ms Clarke – Head of Faculty English and MFL

Mrs Colvile – Maths Teacher

Ms Congreve – Deputy Head

Mrs Darwish – Science Teacher

Mr Dean – Head of Faculty Science

Mr Dodd – Science Teacher

Mrs English – Music Teacher

Miss Essex – Health And Social Care Teacher

Mr Fallick – Assistant Head/PE Teacher

Mrs Fenwick – Head of Faculty PE and Performing Arts

Ms French – IT Teacher

Mr Ford – Head of Department PE

Mr Gooding – Geography Teacher

Mr Gibbs – Head of Technology

Miss E Green – History Teacher

Miss J Green – English Teacher

Mr Grier – Head Year 7

Mr Hardy – English Teacher

Mr Holland – Deputy Head

Mr Hossack – PE Teacher

Miss Hulme – Head of Faculty Humanities

Mr Iozzi – Head of Faculty Creativity and Enterprise

Mr Jones – Maths Teacher

Mr Judd – English Teacher

Ms Keating – Head of Year 11/PE Teacher

Mr Lawrenson – Technology Teacher

Miss Molloy – Head of Year 8/Science Teacher

Miss Newbury – Textiles Teacher

Dr Niyazi – Science Teacher

Miss Ordynanz – Art Teacher

Mr Ous- Head of Faculty Maths

Mrs Perring – Dance/2nd I/C PE Teacher

Miss Perronno – MFL Teacher

Mr Rigg – Maths Teacher

Mr Rolf – PE Teacher

Miss Sauer – Special Facility Teacher

Mrs Seaby – Opening Minds Teacher

Miss Smith – English Teacher

Mr Stokes – Learning Support Teacher

Miss Wainman – Science Teacher

Ms Wells – Assistant Headteacher

Miss Wilson – Maths Teacher

Mr Wilson – Maths Teacher

Miss Winfield – Head of Year 9/Science Teacher

Ms Wingfield – RE Teacher – Head of Department

Mrs Wood – Maths Teacher

Mrs Yates – English Teacher

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