Welcome to our online parents’ and carers’ evening page.


Please book your appointments through the portal, either through Useful Links above or by clicking HERE.


Y8 parents’ and carers’ evening will take place between 16:00 and 19:00 on Thursday 21st January.


When your appointment is due, please click on the name of the teacher below to begin. When finished, return to this page for further appointments.


Mr A Dodd – Science

Mrs A English – Music

Mr A Hossack – PE

Ms A Rowan – English

Mrs A Wood – Maths

Mr B Gooding – Geography

Mr C Gibbs – Technology

Mr D Dean – Science

Mr D Grier – SEN

Mr D Jones – Maths

Mr D Rigg – Maths

Miss D Winfield – Head of Year 8/Science

Miss E Green – History

Miss E Perronno – Languages

Ms F Barton – Asst Head/Horticulture

Mr F Lawrenson – Technology

Mr G Iozzi – Creativity & Enterprise

Dr H Niyazi – Science

Mrs H Seaby – Opening Minds

Mr J Burford – PE

Miss J Ellis – Performing Arts

Mrs J Fenwick – Performing Arts

Miss J Green – English

Mr J Wilson – Maths

Ms J Wingfield – Religious Education

Ms K Clarke – English/Languages

Miss L Molloy – Science

Miss L Newbury – Creativity & Enterprise

Mr L Tester – Science

Mr M Chesters – Languages

Mr M Ford – PE

Mrs N French – IT/Computing

Mrs N Ordynanz – Creativity & Enterprise

Mrs N Perring – Dance/PE

Mr N Rolf – PE

Miss O Wilson – Maths

Mr P Ous – Maths

Ms P Stallard – Languages

Mrs R Batchelor – English

Mr R Simpson – English

Mr S Hardy – English

Mr S Humphries – History/Opening Minds

Mr S Judd – English

Ms S Keating – PE

Miss T Hulme – Humanities

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