find_out_about_peer_mentorsAt Longhill High School we recognise that transition from Primary to Secondary School is a process that can cause great anxiety and nervousness to both students and their parents alike.

Because we recognise this, we are able to put together a comprehensive package of support measures that enable us to make the process of moving from Year 6 to Year 7 as smooth as possible.

Our work starts with members of our Transition Team visiting the Year 6 classes in our primary feeder schools to start the process of giving out and gathering information for our incumbent students. We use this time to identify those students who may be more vulnerable or have specific educational needs, and look at how best we can support them. We run a range of activities, including Longhill tours, cookery sessions, group work and one-to-one sessions with our transition mentors, an Intake Day and Summer School.

Once a student arrives at Longhill we are able to provide a number of programmes that can support with self-esteem, nervousness, friendship, homework, literacy & numeracy, and behavioural issues. We run a trip in mid-September that is designed to promote team-building and motivation, with a series of adventure activities. In addition we also train a group of Year 10 students every year to act as ‘Listeners’ to our new Year 7s, and we also have Peer Mentors and Bus Monitors as well to provide support. More information about our Peer Mentors can be found here.


Assistant Head Teacher – Primary Transition Head of Year 7
Ms F Barton

Mr D Stokes

Transition/Learning Mentor Transition Mentor for the Deans
Mrs Barbara Draper

Mrs E Barnard

Year 7 Mentors
Mrs J De Roeck

Mr M Garbutt

Mr H Garling

Ms H Jones

Ms S Kainth

Miss L Kenward

Miss H Seaby

Wilson Wingfield Yates
Mr J Wilson

Ms J Wingfield

Mrs L Yates