Bad Weather

From time to time, the weather may be bad enough to prevent staff and students travelling safely to and from the school, or to compromise their safety whilst on site.

In periods of severe weather, the decision to close or open the school is taken early in the day. We aim to publish information should the school close by 6:30am on the day of a closure. In exceptional circumstances we may make an announcement the afternoon or evening prior to a closure.

If the School closes

Should it be necessary to close the school, we will inform parents and students in the following ways:

  • Notice on the school website on the front page
  • Notice on the school Twitter Feed @LonghillSchool
  • Text Message sent to parents
  • Announcement on local radio stations (Heart FM, Juice, BBC Southern Counties)
  • Answerphone message on the school main number (01273 304086)

The school will only ever be shut for one day at a time. Should the school be shut on subsequent days, we will notify parents and students in the same way.

Websites, Twitter and Travel Information

At peak times the school website may become overloaded, so it’s recommended to bookmark the school official Twitter feed page above, or follow @LonghillSchool if you’re a Twitter user so you have an alternative means for checking for a closure if the school website is unavailable.

Information on the availability of buses can be found on the Brighton and Hove Bus Company website: and via Twitter @BrightonHoveBus.

“The School is open but my Son/Daughter is unable to attend”

If the school is open but your Son or Daughter is unable to attend because of the weather – for example if localised weather conditions mean it’s unsafe to leave the house – you should call the school and report them absent as you would for any other absence.

Examinations during periods of severe weather

Where possible the school will open for public examinations. If there are examinations on the day of a closure, please check the website for instructions for candidates.