Calendar 2016-17


Add our calendars to your Google Calendar

You can add one or more of our calendars directly to your calendar if you’re a Google Calendar user, or if you are a student or staff member at the school. Use the buttons below to add the calendars you want to your Google Calendar.

Calendar Name Description Add
General Whole School Calendar Whole-School events, term dates, INSET days, school productions, Parents evenings etc  calendar_plus_en_GB
Week Numbers Shows which week in the timetable cycle we’re in – Week 1 or Week 2  calendar_plus_en_GB
Governors Dates of meetings of the school Governing Body  calendar_plus_en_GB
Exams All school examinations, including mocks  calendar_plus_en_GB
School Clubs After school and lunchtime clubs  calendar_plus_en_GB
Staff Calendar Internal calendar for Longhill Staff  calendar_plus_en_GB
Reports and Assessment Internal calendar for Longhill Staff  calendar_plus_en_GB
Year 11 Student Information Internal calendar for Longhill Staff  calendar_plus_en_GB