Payments to the school

The school’s method of payment is online via the sQuid software.  All parents/carers are provided with a sQuid account number when your child starts at the school and payment is quick and easy to set up.

Paying on line means that you avoid having to send in cheques, or you or your child bringing cash in to school.  sQuid is a secure online payment system that can be used to pay for school trips, lunches and any other expenses that may be incurred at school.

If you need assistance setting sQuid up or have misplaced the sQuid account number please email and we will be pleased to help you.

Some questions answered

Can I load my child’s sQuid account using cash?

Currently you can use cash to load your child’s account using one of the two machines available in school.  However, these machines do not accept the new plastic £5 notes and will not accept the new £1 coins.  

What methods should I be using to load my sQuid account? 

You can top up using a credit or debit card, by bank transfer or standing order or by PayPoint top up card.  

Where will I find sQuid? 

On the front page of the Longhill High School website

You can easily set up your account – just follow the instructions.  If you have any questions about setting up an account, or about an existing account, please email and we will be pleased to help you.

Will Longhill continue to use sQuid? 

Yes we will.  Longhill will soon be using a totally cashless system for all school payments – this includes lunches, trips and any other expenses that may occur.  We would like to encourage you to use sQuid whenever possible – it is easy, safe and avoids the need to bring cash to school.

Please be assured that help is available if you need it.  For any queries about sQuid, please email us at