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Sussex Uniforms – Longhill High

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Recycled Uniform

We also have a new initiative from July 2018 to recycle uniform in conjunction with Smarter Uniform.  For more information please click the link  Smarter Uniforms



Special offer for children coming into Year 7


Longhill High School Uniform Policy




Our uniform policy reflects our values and reinforces our school’s culture of high expectations and academic achievement. All pupils must dress according to the uniform policy. Our school uniform is important to us. It is our way in which we identify ourselves as a school community and it promotes a strong, cohesive school identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life. It promotes harmony between different groups represented in the school, and it enhances security.


Smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times.


Longhill High School recognises the value of having a school uniform for the following reasons:


  • Uniforms unite the school. Pupils make a commitment when they put on their Longhill High School uniform that they will abide by the rules of the community.
  • Uniforms reduce distractions. We are focused on achieving success.
  • Uniforms make us all equal. Whether families have high or low incomes, the pupils come to school looking the same way. No one needs to feel bad about the clothes they have or don’t have.
  • There is a safety side to the uniforms because if all students are clearly recognisable it is easy to identify strangers. Also on the way to and from school uniforms afford a degree of safety as the students are part of a large body of young people who will look out for each other.
  • Uniforms look professional. Pupils look neat and ready to learn. It prepares students for future employment.
  • A sense of pride – we all feel proud of our students when they are well dressed in Longhill High School uniform.
  • Value for money – good quality school uniform is a relatively cheap way of dressing young people for school. It makes the morning easier- they only have to think about their uniform and not alternatives.


Non-compliance with uniform policy


Pupils will not be allowed to attend class if they are not dressed in the appropriate uniform. Parents and careers of pupils that do not wear their uniform correctly will be contacted.


There may be good reason why a child is not wearing school uniform. In this case, parents and carers should share the reason with the Headteacher either in person or in writing. The school will always be considerate and discreet in trying to establish why a pupil is not wearing the correct uniform.


Students’ uniform will be checked in mentor time. If a student is not in correct uniform their mentor might take one of the following actions:


  • A phone call may be made to the parent/career to see if you are able to drop of the correct inform
  • A student may be lent an item of uniform
  • A student might be asked to attend a lunchtime uniform detention with their head of house or year
  • A student may be sent home to change or in the case of persistent offender put on an internal exclusion


Uniform Details


Main school uniform – It is compulsory for students to wear a white shirt, charcoal grey trousers or skirt, a school tie, blazer and black footwear without logos.


The school PE uniform – It is compulsory to wear a PE top and shorts with school logo and plain navy blue socks.


Boys Girls Compulsory Optional Sussex Uniforms only Any Supplier
Blazer with school badge/logo navy blue Blazer with school badge/logo navy blue yes no yes no
Tie with colour indication for year group identification Tie with colour indication for year group identification yes no yes no
Jumper navy blue with school badge/logo Jumper navy blue with school badge/logo no yes yes no
Skirt dark grey Skirt dark grey no yes yes no
Trousers dark grey Trousers dark grey yes no yes no
White shirt White shirt yes no no yes
Tailored shorts dark grey Tailored shorts dark grey no yes yes no
Longhill PE Boys sports top – navy blue with gold trim and school logo Longhill PE female sports top– navy blue with gold trim and school logo yes no yes no
Longhill PE shorts with school logo navy blue Longhill PE shorts with school logo navy blue yes no yes no
PE plain navy blue socks PE plain navy blue socks yes No no yes
Longhill PE navy blue rain jacket Longhill PE navy blue rain Jacket no yes yes n/a
Longhill PE male track suit bottoms with school logo Longhill PE female joggers navy blue with school logo no yes yes n/a
n/a Longhill PE female leggings black with school logo no yes yes n/a
n/a Longhill PE female ‘skort’ with school logo no yes yes no
Black Footwear Black Footwear yes no no yes
Year 11 hoodies Year 11 hoodies no yes no no


Outdoor clothing


Pupils should bring a coat to school each day apart from during the hotter weather. All outdoor clothing must be removed inside the school building including hoodies and sweatshirts.


Bags and belongings


Students will need a bag to carry books and equipment to and from the school.




Tights should be black or neutral and can be purchased from any supplier.




Footwear should be plain black with no visible logo. Laces in any footwear should be black. Boots ankle boots and high heels are not permitted.


Hats, Headscarves or Headwear


Pupils are not allowed to wear hats, headscarves, or any other covering inside the school building unless it is due to religious or cultural reason.


Mobile Phones


Students may bring mobile phones to Longhill High School. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in lessons or in the corridors. However at break and lunch, students are permitted to use their phones in designated areas within the building or outside. If the student fails to follow these expectations then the mobile phone will be confiscated. Longhill High School will not accept responsibility for the loss of mobile phones or any other mobile device.




The school will challenge excessive makeup.




The only permitted items of jewellery are:


  • A pair of single, small studs in pierced ears
  • A wristwatch


All Jewellery must be removed for Physical Education.


Longhill High School will not accept responsibility for the loss of Jewellery or watches.


Body Piercing and Tattoos


Body piercing is not permitted with the exception of single small ear stud. No other forms of body piercing will be allowed for any pupil. Pupils are not allowed to have tattoos of any kind on their bodies.


Naming Clothing and Property


Please ensure all clothing and property is clearly marked so that lost property may be easily traced and returned. The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of pupils’ property and valuables.


Lost Property


All mislaid items are placed in lost property cupboard in student services. Please ask the student services if you wish to look through this cupboard. We endeavour to return all named property. All unclaimed lost property is disposed of at the end of term and given to local charities.


Second hand uniform


Any unwanted items of uniform may be given to the student services; they operate a second hand uniform store for the school community.




















Yr 7 Burgundy

Yr 8 Lilac

Yr 9 Green

Yr 10 Gold

Yr 11 Blue