The school operates a two-week timetable. A student’s Timetable will show what they have on Week 1 and Week 2

Ms Butters (B301)
Mr Markjs-Billson (B305)
Mr Laycock (A23)
Miss Clark (FIELD)
Mr Denning (B207)
Miss Perrono (B309)
Miss Clark (FIELD)
Mr Laycock (A23)
Ms Holland
Ms Butters (B301)


Across the top left run the days. The 1 or 2 at the front shows it is week 1 or 2. The periods are shown as 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Therefore on week 1. Monday period 3 this student has English with Mr Laycock in A23. (A Block, 2nd floor, Room A23)

and on week 2. Monday period 4 this student has Science with Ms L Holland upstairs in the library. 


School Timings

The timetable doesn’t show Mentor time. Mentor is before Period 1 and is the same every day. Break is between Periods 2 & 3. Lunch is between Periods 4 & 5.

Please note that this is not a real timetable and subjects and staff may change.


 8:15  Warning Bell
 8:20  Registration / Mentoring
 8:40  Period 1
 9:40  Period 2
 10:40  Break
 11:00  Period 3
 12:00  Period 4
 13:00  Lunch
 13:45  Period 5
 14:45  End of School


School Wallet

All students are provided with a copy of their timetable in a protective wallet. This wallet is designed to fit perfectly into the school blazer pocket. Students should keep this wallet with them at all times.

Homework and home school communication is now undertaken via the school portal.

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