Science Fair

Welcome to the web page for the Longhill Science Fair.

Science fairs are very popular in the United States, but not so common in this country. We think they are a great opportunity for children to investigate something they are interested in.

The Longhill Science Fair is open to Years 4, 5 and 6 children in any local primary school.

To enter a project in the science fair, children should carry out an investigation and then present their findings in the form of a single-sided poster. The poster should be given to your child’s class teacher who will submit the best to be put on display at Longhill High School. Prizes will be awarded for the best posters.

The most popular topics for a science fair project are……

  1. Which drink fizzes the most with mentos
  2. Does expensive chocolate taste better than cheap chocolate
  3. What food does my rabbit/cat/dog prefer
  4. Do adults like different chocolate to children
  5. Where should you kick a football make it go the furthest
  6. Can you throw a heavier ball further than a light ball
  7. Does music help you concentrate

This link will give you a list of even more questions to investigate SCI FAIR HELPSHEETS

The second page is designed to help you plan your investigation.

Please note that household cleaning products, such as bleach and oven cleaner, can be very harmful and mixing cleaning products can produce dangerous gases. Experiments involving cleaning products are not permitted.

This is an example of what a simple poster might look like Example Poster

To see examples of science fair posters from other years please see our album of brilliant past posters click on the link below



If you have any questions about the competition please check the frequently asked questions below or get in touch on

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a teacher, where do I get more information about running the science fair for my class?


I am a teacher, do you have a letter I can send to parents?


What are the rules about the poster?

It should be one side of paper, either A4 or A3. The posters will be printed A3 size.

Can children submit a 3d model?

A model cannot be submitted to the Longhill Science fair but you could take a picture of it and put it on your poster.

When will the posters be judged?

The posters will be put on display during a our Sussex@Longhill live workshop event on 25th February.  You can find information about the Workshops here Science Workshops  There will be prizes for each school that takes part and prizes for the best overall posters for each year group. Judges will be looking for a well-designed investigation that answers a clear question with results that are clearly presented.

I have a pupil with special educational needs

If you have a child with special educational needs and require our assistance, please email us at

Can the children work in groups?

If the parents and your school are happy for them to work together then we don’t mind.

When is the closing date?

It is up to primary schools to set their own closing date, but posters will need to be submitted to Longhill by 20th February