SEND – Special Educational Needs & Disability


Longhill High School was one of the first in Brighton and Hove to complete our review of the SEND policy to meet the new requirements in line with the new SEND Code of Practice effective from 1 September 2014.  To provide an improved, compliant policy we co-produced our policy with families, children and young people. There was a strong feeling from parents and children that as well as covering statutory information, it should also cover some aspects of practice and also a glossary of terms and agencies.

Hopefully our policy tells you all you need to know about how we support our young people. If you have any suggestions for how this policy could be improved please let us know.  You can email our SENCO at

You can see our policy by clicking on the link below:

Local Offer

Have you seen our ‘Local Offer’? From September 2014, all schools have to produce a set of information that explains exactly how they address a range of issues with regard to special educational needs and disabilities. This is then placed on the Local Authority’s website for all to view.

You can view ours here:

Brighton & Hove were part of the ‘SE7 pathfinder’, helping the Department for Education trial new things in readiness for the new Code of Practice and led on this. Our work on the Local Offer is helping develop practice in other parts of the country. Most Local Authorities will be producing this at the moment but as Brighton and Hove took part in this early development, ours is ready to view! Prospective parents might find this information especially useful.

Big thanks to the parents and students who helped us produce this!

All schools also have to produce a SEND information report about how they meet and support pupils with special needs and/or disabilities. You can view ours by clicking on the link below:

Can You Help?

We are currently developing a series of resource manuals and online advice for teachers about a range of special needs. Are you willing to help us?

  • We would like to show you what we have done so far and get your feedback.
  • Is this the kind of information you would want a teacher to know?
  • Have we missed anything important out?
  • Are there things teachers can do that make things easier at home?
  • Is there a type of guide we have missed?
  • How can we adapt these so they can be ‘parent friendly’ and, over time also have this information open to parents as well

If you would like to be part of this, please email the or call our SEN Admin assistant Mrs Brown on 01273 304086 to register your interest.



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