Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

The Learning Support Faculty at Longhill High School is a team of dedicated and caring specialists. Vibrant and forward thinking, the team are devoted to valuing diversity within children.

The Learning Support Staff take an active interest in the welfare of students and work collaboratively as part of a team. We are universally passionate about our student’s wellbeing. We love what we do.

Our Learning Support team and our Special Facility were recognised as particular strengths of the school at our most recent OFSTED. We have a larger than average population of SEND (Special Educational Need and Disability) students yet OFSTED said:-

“Pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities make strong progress because they receive effective support for their learning. Pupils who are supported by the on-site support centre for pupils who have dyslexia make good progress. Pupils who attend alternative provision achieve well”.

We have a well-resourced department, respected across the city and have staff in our team with a variety of skillsets. Our SENCO has been awarded Specialist Leader of Education status in the area of SEN/D by the DFE, and we also have a range of other specialist teachers on the team who all work closely together to meet student’s needs. We are lucky to have a strong team of experienced teaching assistants who support both individual students and general learning in a range of lessons. OFSTED said:-

“Additional funding for pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities is used well to support their learning and progress. A skilled team of teaching assistants is part of the provision carefully tailored to meet the needs of these pupils. Teachers receive good support and guidance to support pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities with their difficulties in learning.”

Included within its Learning Support Faculty, Longhill High School has a Special Facility for students with Severe Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD). The Facility is run by the Special Facility Coordinator, and an additional teacher with specialist dyslexia teacher status. They are assisted by a small team of teaching assistants.

Our approach is child centred and, like all staff at Longhill, we are passionate about enriching the lives of the children in our care. We liaise closely with all subject teachers to ensure that they are aware of individual learners’ needs, as well as the best strategies to use in class to support them.

Our policy is that in addition to our direct work with individual children and families, we support good teaching practice across the school so that teachers have the expertise to help learners with SEND to achieve their potential. As the government’s SEND Code of Practice says: “All teachers are teachers of SEND”

Longhill High School was one of the first in Brighton and Hove to complete our review of the SEND policy to meet the new requirements in line with the new SEND Code of Practice effective from 1 September 2014.  To provide an improved, compliant policy we co-produced our policy with families, children and young people. There was a strong feeling from parents and children that as well as covering statutory information, it should also cover some aspects of practice and also a glossary of terms and agencies.

Hopefully our policy tells you all you need to know about how we support our young people. If you have any suggestions for how this policy could be improved please let us know.

You can see our policy by clicking on the link below:

SEND Leaflet
(550 KB)

SEND Code of Practice
(75 KB)

Local Offer


Have you seen our ‘Local Offer’? From September 2014, all schools have to produce a set of information that explains exactly how they address a range of issues with regard to special educational needs and disabilities. This is then placed on the Local Authority’s website for all to view.

You can view ours here:


All schools also have to produce a SEND information report about how they meet and support pupils with special needs and/or disabilities. You can view ours by clicking on the link below:


If you want to know more about our Learning Support Faculty and our provision, or would like to arrange a visit to the Faculty, please contact us by phone on 01273 304086.

If you would like to know more about our Special Facility, which is a provision that can only be accessed by students with an EHCP for SpLD then please also contact us by phone on 01273 304086.



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